General English

English is considered as a Global and Link Language. Scientific inventions that take place around the world can reach our country India only through the help of English Language. Therefore, we at President Science College ensure that our students get the best of English Education in the right and WINNOVATIVE manner. The methodology of teaching and imparting English here at President Science College is purely focused on the holistic and cognitive development of the student.

The prescribed syllabus of English by Gujarat University is delivered and taught with key focus given on areas like Grammar, Punctuation, Psychological Impact of the topic on the student etc. Each topic, be it Prose, Poem or Grammar is imparted with illustrious examples and explanations and at the same time ensuring maximum student participation whilst lectures. English sessions are concluded with an interactive session.

Some Interesting activities of English Dept at President Science College:

  • Role Play
  • Class Debates
  • Business Communication
  • Learning through Entertainment
  • Grammar and Phonetics
  • S.W.O.T Analysis once a quarter