Management Message

"Shayona Group began its journey with Chairman Shri Sureshbhai Patel at its helm along with his late Uncle Bharatbhai Patel. Since then Shayona has shown tremendous growth through 30 years of existence. Shayona group plans to expand the business further at a greater pace, with an aim to achieve as much growth in the coming years. It’s focus for the next decade is to become pioneers in Higher Education, Media, IT, and Construction businesses. Shayona also aims to create numerous job opportunities for youth. Other trustees of Shayona group include Shri Babubhai Chaudhary, Vishnubhai Patel, Piyushbhai Patel and Kanubhai Patel who add more dimensions to Shayona Group.

Shayona Group is founded on a vision which seeks to escort in a better tomorrow by providing people with better quality of life and living values. Recognizing the basic need to approach the issue of planned development and growth, we at Shayona believe that the key element of this transformation is change – a change from within and without.

Shayona Group established President Science College, its premier venture in the field of Collegiate Education. The college offers enriched education in the field of Science. To ensure creative productivity and holistic development of our students, we have well-experienced faculties, well-equipped laboratories and library in the campus. Shayona group has never compromised on any aspect when it comes to the Youth and their education.

Managing Trustee
Suresh Patel